AI Cures

We are a group of machine learning and life science researchers who are collaborating on developing machine learning methods for finding promising antiviral molecules for COVID-19 and other emerging pathogens.




COVID-19 pandemic highlights the acute need to develop fast, on-demand therapeutics against pathogens and health threats. Traditional approaches to drug development are expensive, too slow to react to pandemics like COVID-19. AI tools on the other hand have the potential to accelerate and transform this effort, enabling rapid, large scale search and identification of effective candidates for therapeutics. To translate this potential to success, we believe we must bring together researchers in computational and life sciences. While these communities are today closer than ever, we still sometimes speak different languages. The goal of this website is to lower the barrier for people from varied backgrounds to get involved and contribute to our shared, global goal. For computational experts we provide datasets, ways to frame ML problems, suggestions of possible ML tools to try, along with discussion of technical challenges. For life science researchers we offer the opportunity to bring in desperately needed domain expertise, posing  questions for AI researchers to solve, data to look at. Data specific to COVID-19 is still limited today but the situation is going to change substantially in the coming weeks and months. We can all contribute.

Recent Updates


Oct 28    2 min 

Lung Tissue Stiffens with Age, and What that Might Mean For COVID-19 Drug...

COVID-19 disproportionately sickens and kills older patients, but the precise reasons why remain a mystery. A common hypothesis is that as we age, our immune...


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